Maruyama Transport Co., Ltd.
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Maruyama Transport Co., Ltd.


International Multimodal Transport


Maruyama acts as an NVOCC in supporting our customer’s global business strategy by providing a Door to Door one-stop service that covers the entire gamut of distribution-related operations, including complex importing/exporting custom clearance procedures, warehousing and storage, export packaging, loading and unloading goods, and delivery.

Import and export customs clearance

Import and export customs clearance

Import and export customs clearance

Custom clearance personnel well versed in all pertinent laws and regulations handle import and export customs clearance procedures on our customers’ behalf.

Domestic transportation

Domestic transportation

Domestic transportation

Maruyama Transport possesses a broad range of transportation vehicles, such as vehicles dedicated to transporting precision instruments and refrigeration vans, an proposes the optimal delivery plan for the type of delivery package.

Bonded warehousing

Bonded warehousing

Warehouse operations

Maruyama can provide unloading on the truck services. This can help reduce lead times.

Domestic packaging for exporting

Domestic packaging for exporting

Export packing

Our packaging centers provide the ideal package for the delivery item, minimizing the risk of damage to the item.

Loading and installation for fixtures and machinery

Loading and installation for fixtures and machinery

Loading installation

Maruyama Transport ensures the safe delivery of store fixtures and other items ranging from bulky machinery, to medical equipment and other ultraprecision machinery.


We have established a system in which all logistics, including various procedures, management and delivery, can be completed in-house.

丸山運送 国際物流本部

Integrated air exports

Air exports from Sendai departing from Narita

Our head office distribution center possesses a full range of explosive testing equipment. We conduct packaging, explosive testing, and export custom clearance operations in Sendai. Our mixed cargo vehicles are capable of delivering packages to Narita Airport at a reasonable rate by the morning of the following day.

Integrated marine exports

Fully compliant complete with a full array of truck scale equipment

Our head office distribution center is not only responsible for loading and shoring export cargo, truck scales are used to conduct container measurements in-house. This allows for custom clearance preparations to be made without the need for drayage to separate locations to measure heavy objects.


Our global network has locations in 25 countries, bringing the world together and providing a robust support service for our customers’ businesses.

Based in Tohoku, Maruyama Transport aims to reach greater heights by increasing the number of distribution centers and broadening the scope of our service lineup.

Agency supported countries

Tradable country



■Dominican Republic

■Sri Lanka


With bases connecting Japan with the rest of the world in Sendai, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Shanghai, we stand at the ready to meet the distribution needs of any global company.

International Distribution Headquarters, International Distribution Division, Sendai OfficeSendai Office
Sendai officeTEL.022-254-3855

The Sendai Office is engaged in custom clearance operations of international cargo imports and exports at Sendai Port and Sendai Airport. Our head warehouse provides bonded warehousing facilities for prompt customs clearance. The Sendai Office also coordinates with the distribution and warehousing arms of the business to provide total distribution support for deliveries from Japan to anywhere in the world.

International Distribution Headquarters, International Distribution Division, Tokyo Office
Tokyo officeTEL.03-5439-6921

The Tokyo Office handles marine transport cargo from the Tokyo Port and Yokohama Port, and air freight from Narita Airport. We provide a door to door logistics services for packages sent from overseas, ensuring that they make it to their delivery destination anywhere in Japan. The Tokyo Office works with the Sendai and Fukuoka Offices to handle packages nationwide.

International Distribution Headquarters, International Distribution Division, Fukuoka Office
Fukuoka officeTEL.092-292-1818

The Fukuoka Office is primarily responsible for handling marine and air freight in western Japan. In addition to forwarding and custom clearance operations, our experienced staff are on hand to provide a wide range of services, including warehousing and storage, packaging, and the loading and installation of heavy cargo materials. The Fukuoka Office also works with the Sendai Office and Tokyo Office to handle distribution across Kanto, Tohoku and Hokkaido.

International Distribution Headquarters, International Distribution Division, Shanghai Office
Shanghai officeTEL.+86-186-2163-9363

Located in a city at the heart of the Asian economy, the Shanghai Office is engaged in a business alliance with the state-run E&T (SHANGHAI E&T INTL-TRANS CO., LTD.) to deliver a reliable China-wide logistics service at an overwhelmingly competitive level of cost performance.